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ยท One min read
Reece Atkinson

Introducing Electric Purple...โ€‹

Electric purple is a theme that relieves and prevents eye strain by maintaining dark mode but also adding a pop of colour to developers workspaces.

Hitting 100 installs...โ€‹

Electric Purple is coming to 100 installs rapidly and I cannot wait to see how developers feel about it.

What's Next?โ€‹

By Dec 2022 I will be publishing a new theme (which is my favourite colour) Electric Blue. I will post an update about this very soon!

Product Huntโ€‹

I launched on Product Hunt a while ago but any upvotes would still really help me!

Install the themeโ€‹

You can head over to the VS Code Marketplace and search "Electric Purple" or click the link below...

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy the theme,โ€‹

(But if you don't that's fine aswell)