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My thoughts on the Mac Studio and Studio Display

ยท 2 min read
Reece Atkinson

1. My Predictions were correctโ€‹

  • iPhone SE โœ…
  • iPhone 13 (Green Colour) โœ… (& Alpine Green)
  • iPad Air (Colours and 5G) โœ…
  • Mystery Mac??? โœ… (Mac Studio)
  • Service Updates โœ… (Apple TV+)

2. The Mac Studioโ€‹

The Mac Studio is a taller version of the Mac Mini...

I believe the Mac Studio will be great for people who need a halfway between the Mac Mini and Mac Pro as it has the most powerful chip in Apple's lineup called the M1 Ultra which is M1 Max's put together with a feature they hid from the chip.

They also claim that the studio is faster than the Mac Pro. Which leads me to believe the new and upcoming Mac Pro must have 2 or more of the Ultra chips?

3. The Studio Displayโ€‹

The Studio Display in my opinion is stunning...

  • It has a built in webcam
  • Hey Siri built in
  • Spatial Audio Speakers

What more could you want from a display?

4. Where can I get it?โ€‹

You can go to or to an Apple Store or anywhere that sells Apple products